Manila & Luzon

The northern province of the Philippines, Luzon is home to the bustling metropolis of Manila, the Cordillera with stunning rice terraces and fascinating caves, and the Spanish colonial architecture of Vigan. Many flights to the Philippines will require an overnight stay in Manila at the start or end of the trip (sometimes both) but we rarely recommend staying longer than is necessary. The real beauty of the country is outside of its cities.

North of Manila sits the Cordillera where winding mountain roads and a sturdy pair of walking shoes will take you to the Banaue rice terraces and hanging coffins of Sagada. You may also come into contact with the Igorot people who managed to avoid many influences of the country’s Spanish and American colonizers. Hotels in this area are very limited in number and while they are clean, safe, and adequate for a good night’s rest, they tend to lack the luxurious appointments found elsewhere in the country.