Tea Ceremony in Korin-in Temple

Korin-in Temple was founded in 1613 and its garden was believed to have been designed by the master craftsman, Kentei. The teahouse was built in the early Meiji period (1868 to 1912) and has a reputation of being a magnificent teahouse. However, Korin-in Temple, is not usually open to the public.

In this special occasion, the doors of the temple will open just for you to give you an authentic and exclusive tea ceremony experience in all its detail.

The best quality tea powder is used and seasonal sweets from a traditional sweet maker will be provided. The tea ceremony teacher will instruct you on how to eat the sweets and how to drink the tea according to the Japanese tradition. After that, the teacher will show you how to make tea yourself.

Inside the tea room you will be seated directly on the Tatami mat but available at your request are small chairs and tables.