Japan advanced and extremely reliable public transportation system is, by far, the most effective, convenient and economical way to move around the country. The main island is covered by an extensive and comfortable railway network and getting to other islands such as Hokkaido or Okinawa is simple and affordable by plane when booked in advance.

If you plan to travel frequently by train, the Japan Rail Pass (JRP) is the most affordable way to do it. This pass gives unlimited travel on JPR trains, including high-speed bullet trains. If your itinerary involves significant train travel, we will automatically provide you with a JPR pass.

The majority of our Japan packages are self-guided and take advantage of the country’s efficient public transportation system. We will provide you all the necessary instructions, bus and train tickets, information for transfers,  schedules and a Japanese SIM card with internet connection to make your self-guided trip in Japan smooth and easy.

Hiring private transportation and a guide, although possible, adds significant additional costs.