How to spend your time

Japan has one of the most public transport in the world. With the great extensive bullet train network throughout the country, a 450 km trip can be done in around 3 hours. Therefore, there is a lot that can be seen and explored in a short period of time.

For nature lovers we would recommend natural beautiful places such as Hakone, the Japanese alps in the central part of Honshu, where you can enjoy the stunning nature around the Japanese countryside and relax in the heavenly onsen (traditional Japanese hot spring baths).

If you prefer experiencing the rich culture that the country has to offer, the place not to be missed is Kyoto (and Nara), the cultural city of Japan with more than 1600 temples, preserved geisha culture, arts, traditions and cultural entertainment. We believe that the cultural experiences where you can not just see but to experience the authentic Japanese traditions, are a great part of a trip to Japan. We have handpicked some of the most relevant cultural experiences to bring you closer the great cultural traditions from the Land of the Rising Sun.

For an authentic foodie experience you should not miss the several foodie tours that we offer to introduce you to the great variety of delicious Japanese cuisine – which is part of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list-.

If you want to experience the spiritual side of the country, we highly recommend visiting Mount Koya and spend a night in an authentic buddhist temple,  a unique experience where you can sleep in a buddhist monastery, eat their food and assist to their rituals and morning prays.

For an itinerary combining all this and much more please get in touch, we are excited to start preparing your tailor made holidays!