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Morning Shared Sumo Training Experience

Your guide for the morning will meet you at your hotel and take you to the Ryogoku, the center of Japan´s sumo world. As well as the Kokugikan Sumo Stadium, Ryogoku is home to most of Tokyo´s sumo heyas. All rikishi (wrestlers) belong to heyas, or sumo stables, where they live, train and eat. You will be able to visit one of these heya to get up close and personal with these giant men and watch their asa geiko (morning training).

The day begins in the early morning, when the lowest ranked men wake up and put in some practice before going about their assigned duties, which include cleaning the building and preparing the food for the main meal of the day. Higher ranked sekitori appear at a more reasonable hour, and they begin a practice session that runs from about 7am until about 10am. After several hours of warm up and technique practice, the wrestlers play an exciting “King of the Castle” game where one wrestler stays in the ring fighting bouts without any rest until he is defeated.

As the end time for training is in flux, the tour disbands at the stable. You will need to make your own onward arrangements.


  • Not available for children under the age of 10.
  • You will have to sit on tatami matting. Seats are unavailable.
  • Visitors are requested to observe absolute silence to not disturb the wrestlers.
  • Price, availability, and terms are set by the sumo stables and may be subject to change.


Traveling with kids? Sumo Lunch Show is for you!

Learn all about Japan’s most peculiar and fascinating sport in this exciting shared sumo tour and lunch experience! Seeing a sumo fight is an exciting experience, but the tournaments only happen a few times a year. However, thanks to this shared lunch tour, you will get the thrill of attending a wrestling session even when the tournament is not on!

Enjoy a sumo fighting demonstration in Asakusa (Tokyo’s old town), acted out by former professional sumo wrestlers, and afterwards, taste the sumo specialty chanko nabe, a delicious stew with vegetables, meat, fish and tofu.


  • Vegetarian option available if requested at the moment of booking.
  • Availability: Every Monday (in Asakusa) and every Thursday (in Ryogoku)