Sake Brewery Visit & Japanese Tapas Cooking


The cuisine of the Hida region in which Takayama lies is synonymous with two things—delicious sake, and fresh, local cooking. You will get to experience both on this culinary adventure. The Hida region has some of the most delicious rice in Japan as well as some of the clearest waters. These two things in combination always give rise to high quality sake breweries, as you will discover for yourself on this tour. As the water is so clean and the air so fresh, vegetables, fish and livestock can also be cultivated healthily. You will have the chance to prepare some fantastic Japanese home cooking with these naturally stupendous ingredients, overseen by a true Takayama local.

In this shared tour in the quaint historical center of Takayama, you will see how sake is made by touring inside an exclusive brewery which is normally closed to tourists. After the Sake brewery, walk through the old town to a cooking studio to make Japanese Tapas under the guidance of a skilled home cook. You will enjoy their own tapas, paired with Takayama´s fine sake at the end of this program.

*This tour is only available in winter until March 15th
*This is a shared tour, so there will be other participants taking part. As alcohol is involved, clients must be over the age of 20 (the legal drinking age in Japan).
*While efforts are made to accommodate dietary requirements, please note that as this is a group experience, it may not be possible to completely tailor to every client’s needs.