Futuristic Tokyo

When the sprawling metropolis that is Tokyo ran out of space, they inevitably turned toward the sea. Odaiba is a man made island created by massive landfills, featuring many hypermodern and strange buildings memorably described as the result of a pre-schooler’s architecture class. Among the exhibition pavilions, indoor shopping malls, game centres, cafes, restaurants, and surrealistic constructions of Odaiba, the visitor never fails to be intrigued by the structures on this landfill that seems to hail from the future rather than the past.  Here you will visit the Museum of Emerging Science, a highly interactive and bilingual science museum includes exhibits about environmental issues, robots (starring Asimo among others), information technology, biology and space exploration. Mega Web is a giant Toyota showroom that shows off all of Toyota’s latest models, car accessories and technologies. The Panasonic Center is a showroom for the latest products and technologies by the Panasonic Corporation. On display are the newest cameras, TVs, computers, video games, home appliances and more.

Back to the mainland, visit Akihabara, Tokyo’s Electric Town. Akihabara is famous for its hundreds of electronic shops selling a mindboggling range of gadgets, gizmos, and devices that one way or another plug into the world of electricity as we know it. However, in recent times, Akihabara has become even more famous for its “Otaku” culture. These are young Japanese who are “obsessed” with cosplay, manga, anime, gaming, or other aspects of Japanese culture, and now there are stores in Akihabara that cater to all Otaku!