Cooking class in Kyoto

Japanese cuisine has such high reputation that it was declared UNESCO Intangible World Heritage. In this tour you will try your hand at making some of the dishes that made this cuisine so popular in the world.

Today you will go to a Machiya Townhouse (Japanese traditional wooden houses) in central Kyoto where you can choose your favourite class according to your interests and time needs.

Morning class: Bento Style

Bento is a boxed meal, common in Japanese cuisine. In this class you will cook and eat your own Shokado bento, a style of bento that originated in Kyoto, including familiar dishes such as tempura, miso soup, sushi.

Afternoon class: Izakaya Style

Afternoon Izakaya Class is a great way to immerse yourself in Japanese dining culture as well as learn authentic and popular Japanese foods that are eaten at home and in local restaurants. The course consists of two parts. First, you will cook 2~3 dishes and enjoy them. Then you will return to the kitchen and learn 2~3 more dishes before eating once more.

Enjoy cooking and eating a variety of dishes in cozy atmosphere just like in Izakaya restaurants (Japanese style pubs)!

*Please advise at the time of booking if you have any allergy dietary restriction: Halal, vegetarian or gluten free ingredients and recipes are available if requested in advance.