When to Visit

Key to know is that when it’s winter here in the UK it’s summer in South Africa, likewise when it’s autumn in the UK it’s spring in South Africa and vice-a-versa. The hottest months are January and February with temperatures often reaching into the mid thirty degrees for short periods.

The most popular time is Christmas and New Year which is peak season and the prices reflect this. Booking for peak dates to have a good choice of properties really needs to be 10-12 months in advance for the more popular locations and best range of options. The best value properties get booked first! Over peak season it’s common for properties to have a minimum duration requirement, this varies on the location and size of the accommodation, e.g. V&A Waterfront minimum durations start at 5 nights, Camps Bay and a 4 bedroom property minimum duration is 2 weeks but some 1 bedrooms start at 7 nights minimum duration.  February is the next busiest period and again booking well in advance means a better range of properties to choose from.

The South African winter is often better than a UK summer in terms of weather. It is not unusual to enjoy mid to low twenties (degrees) in June/July. Great value accommodation costs can be enjoyed by going out of season with vastly reduced rates. However varied weather conditions must be expected. Rainy days don’t typically carry on day after day and even a full day of rain is unlikely unless you’re really unlucky.

Spring in South Africa is beautiful! The Cape has one of the most diverse floral kingdoms in the world, in spring the colours are at their best. Also this is when the kittens, calf’s and cubs are plentiful and a delight to see.

The Cape is well known for Southern Right Whale sightings as well as cage diving with the great white shark. The Southern Right whale comes to the coast of The Cape to mate and calve between May and November. There are places around The Cape where the viewing is fantastic, seeing these gentle giants show off with their breaching and fin slapping is a once in a lifetime experience. Viewings  are possible from the shore or take a certified whale boat out to see them in their own environment from the water where you’ll hopefully see them doing what they do best… ‘sun bathing’.

The great white sharks aren’t as seasonal as they used to be. Historically they were far more prevalent during July and August but now its very unlikely for a cage dive to be unsuccessful at any time. We only work with certified proven suppliers.