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Welcome to the breathtaking ‘Island of Eternal Spring’

It may be 600 years since Portuguese explorers happened upon a rugged and foreboding string of islands but this volcanic Atlantic outpost is ready to be rediscovered. 

Pearl of the Atlantic, island of eternal spring… Madeira well deserves its fanciful nicknames. A lush subtropical paradise like no other, the island is an outdoor Eden in miniature. With black-sand beaches, tumbling canyons, towering cliffs and gushing waterfalls. 

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, some 300 miles off Morocco’s west coast, Madeira Island, the nearby Porto Santo and Desertas Islands make up a group of beautiful Portuguese gems with mild, Mediterranean climates all year round. Madeira island is small—only 35 miles long and 14 miles wide—but its terrain is diverse. Sun-drenched beaches give way to a terraced patchwork of bananas, vineyards and sugarcane, backed by rugged mountains and the fog-shrouded Paúl da Serra plateau.

With its moderate climate, the average temperature rarely falls below the mid-20s, Madeira, makes for a wonderful year-round holiday destination. Due to its mountainous topography, the island is full of diverse microclimates. The south and west have plenty of shelter from trade winds blowing, That’s why most of the popular hotels are located here, along the southern coastline. While the north and east tend to be slightly cooler and wetter.

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Nestling below a backdrop of high volcanic cliffs, on the southwest edge of the island, the coastal resort of Calheta is a stunning area of natural beauty, cleverly combined with a modern beach resort and marina. Even when other parts of the island are raining, Calheta is usually sunny. There are many activities on offer such as snorkeling, canoeing, windsurfing, paragliding.

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