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The unique and beautiful lunar landscape of Cappadocia is like nowhere else on earth.  With its fascinating topography of  ‘fairy chimneys’, subterranean dwellings and rock-hewn churches, a holiday to Cappadocia is an exceptional experience.

Formed by ash and lava from the nearby Mount Erciyes, the soft porous rock, ‘tufa’, eroded over the centuries creating the unusual rock formations.  Churches, houses and even entire underground cities were carved into the rocks by Christians who settled here and used it as a safe haven from Roman invaders.

Visitors now flock from all over the world to explore the area and stay in one of the many cave hotels, which perfectly combine the fascinating history of the area with 21st Century luxuries.

Aside from exploring the museums, churches, and underground cities of Cappadocia, a sunrise hot air balloon ride over the magical landscape is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  If heights aren’t for you, then it’s well worth getting up early to watch the spectacle of them gently floating overhead.

Whether you are looking for a romantic retreat, or an exhilarating family holiday, Cappadocia is an awe-inspiring destination to visit.  As flights to Cappadocia are via Istanbul, why not stop off for a few nights to explore this vibrant city. Or, for a longer, slow-paced holiday, we recommend also heading to the beautiful coast for some beach time.

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Boutique Cave Hotels

Cappadocia Holidays

Boutique Cave Hotels

Cappadocia Holidays

An intoxicating city and the only one in the world to sit across 2 continents. Enjoy breakfast in Europe and lunch in Asia, then back again for the evening.

Most of the popular sights, history and activity are centred on the European side in an area called Sultanahmet. But we recommend you explore further - taking in the Bazaars, cruising along the Bosphorous, and visiting the rooftop bars of Sultanahmet.
The unique natural caves and ‘fairy chimneys’ in Cappadocia would be beautiful on their own, but they’ve been rendered even more interesting by their history as a refuge for Christians looking to escape Islamic armies. The result is fascinating carvings, frescoes and churches deep in caves.It’s easy to see why drifting over this region on a hot air balloon has become popular.

It’s probably the best region for serious hikers as well, offering challenging mountains and valleys for those who seek them, with rich scenic rewards.
Kalkan is, without a doubt, one of the prettiest holiday beach towns along Turkey’s Turquoise Coast. It calls visitors back again and again.

The charming cobbled-stone town is packed with excellent restaurants, and sits staggered down the hillside to the ocean, with dramatic mountains in the backdrop.
Thrace Wine Region
A beautiful region producing wine since ancient times. Guided tours of vineyards are open from April to the October harvest.
The Fethiye region is beautiful, with its verdant valleys and dramatic mountains covered in sweet-scented pine forests, ancient tombs carved into the rock faces and simply magnificent beaches. The most famous are the blue lagoon at Ölüdeniz, and the neighbouring Butterfly Valley, aptly named due to the diverse species of butterflies that have made it their home.

For history and nature lovers this region ticks all the boxes, with its many ancient sites to visit including the ruined temples of Tlos Letoon, and the derelict old Greek houses in the ‘ghost village’ of Kaya Valley. Spring is a wonderful time to visit; with its unique flora and fauna, it is simply bursting with rare wild flowers.
Göcek, in the Fethiye region, is a chic, harbour-side town surrounded by 12 islands – stunning just to look at, and even more spectacular to explore onboard a gulet. More
Datça & Bozburun Peninsulas
For a real taste of unspoilt Turkey, visit the gorgeous peninsulas of Datça and Bozburun with their mountain hamlets, forests of pine and a myriad of fishing villages, beaches and secluded coves, just waiting to be discovered.

The southernmost of the two peninsulas is Bozburun, where the main village is renowned for building traditional gulets, splendid wooden Turkish yachts that are seen along the whole coastline.

The Datça Peninsula is home to ancient Knidos which lies at its tip, where the remains of this Dorian port city overlook 2 stunning bays.
Bodrum Peninsula
Despite Bodrum being a bustling, cosmopolitan town, the old part is incredibly pretty and has remained unchanged for many years, with old white and blue stone houses in the backstreets covered in colourful Mediterranean flowers.

The area is also packed with ancient history. You can see Bodrum Castle from pretty much everywhere, and the Mausoleum at Halicarnussus (one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World) is tucked away here too.

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