Getting Around

To most of the areas we feature, private airport transfers are included and car hire is not necessary, but of course is a great way to explore independently, and we can arrange this for you.  The dolmus (local Turkish bus) is also handy for shorter journeys or if you prefer a taxi, they are reasonably priced, but we recommend you agree a price at the start of your journey or ask them to turn on the meter.


Travel Essentials

  • Currency
    Turkish Lira, which you can get in advance or on arrival in easily available ATMs. Credit and Debit cards are widely accepted but as always when visiting a rural area plan ahead.
  • Passports & Visas
    Your passport should have 6 months validity left from the date you are leaving Turkey
    Visas for 90 days stay for holiday purposes are not currently required for UK and European visitors however you can check the most current advice and apply easily at www.evisa.gov.tr
  • Time
    Turkey is 2 hours ahead of the UK on British Summer Time and 3 hours ahead of the UK in the winter months
  • Dress and behaviour
    Turkey is predominantly Muslim but very tolerant to tourism. In Istanbul and the coastal towns, there are no dress concerns. However, it is respectful to dress modestly in more local areas and always cover your head, knees and shoulders when entering mosques. It is frowned upon for ladies to sunbathe anywhere topless.
  • Etiquette & Tipping
    Tipping around 10-15% is customary in restaurants, hotels and taxis.
  • Travel with Children
    You’ll find Turkey to be family friendly, even in evenings in restaurants (except perhaps in some of the very top end ones!). However, be aware that facilities such as highchairs and baby changing facilities are inconsistent, or more likely absent. Children’s menus aren’t common but you can speak to your waiter and they may offer special options for children. Most importantly be on high alert for safety with young children as its very typical safety standards to be lower than the UK. Breastfeeding isn’t particularly common in public and you may feel more comfortable doing this privately or discreetly.


Any other questions?

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