Bagan & The Centre

Few visitors come to Myanmar (Burma) without spending at least a couple of days in Bagan – home to more than 2,000 historic stupas, temples and pagodas spread over a vast plain.

We have personally hand-picked the best boutique hotels in Bagan (after cycling many miles!) It is not a large or developed town – but actually a collection of three small dusty settlements (that are more akin to villages than towns) with a small selection of restaurants.

  • Old Bagan: This is considered to be the heart of Bagan and where most of the temples are located. There are fewer hotels here (larger ex-Government owned hotels) and only a small number of restaurants.
  • New Bagan: Just a mile from Old Bagan, this is probably our favourite location in terms of hotels (better priced boutique options) and there are more options for eating and drinking.
  • Nyaung-U: A few miles from the main temples, this is more of a local village that has developed to cater for more budget travellers with some nice boutique options.