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Plastic Free Travel

Imagine if you didn’t have to buy a single plastic water bottle on your next holiday?

Well now it’s possible! Join our ‘Plastic FLEE Travels’, in order to reduce the amount of single use plastic consumed on holiday.  

As a team, we are passionate about promoting sustainable travel and urge our customers to get onboard too. As we all know, plastic poses a huge threat to our beautiful planet and we want to reduce our impact by minimising the amount of plastic water bottles used when abroad.

Fleewinter has partnered up with Water-to-Go, specialists in advanced water-filtration bottles, to encourage #plasticFLEEtravel. The bottles use three different technologies to eliminate 99.9% of microbiological contaminants from any non-saltwater source in the world and provide clean, safe drinking water. This means you can take your snazzy water bottle to all corners of the earth, and never be in a situation where you need to buy a plastic bottle again!

And the best bit? It’s guilt-free, as these bottles are made in such a way that they won’t ever disintegrate and the filter is fully-recyclable. You may be asking yourself, why if we are trying to reduce plastic waste, is this bottle made of plastic? The reason is, that the type of plastic makes the bottle accessible, it lasts a lifetime so there is no difference in its waste outcome to say a steel bottle and the plastic used is 100% BPA free!

Plastic is washing up on our beaches across the world and on my recent research trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, it was something I was acutely aware of. I picked up bits of plastic throughout my trip, but I felt so helpless and saddened by the bigger picture. If we all committed to never again buying another plastic water bottle when we travel, it’s something small that makes a big difference.” – Delia Monk, Fleewinter Southeast Asia Specialist

To show your support for this worthwhile campaign, we urge you to get on social media and post a photo of you and your new water bottle in an exotic Fleewinter location using our hashtag #plasticFLEEtravel

So please do get involved with our plastic-free campaign by purchasing your sustainable water bottle here (thank you!). Just use our unique Fleewinter code ‘PLASTICFLEETRAVELS’ at check-out to recieve a 15% discount. And, for every bottle you buy, Fleewinter will donate at least £2.39 (or 15% of your chosen water bottle) to our charity of choice, which is FRANK Water (a safe water and sanitation charity working in India and Nepal).

You don’t have to be a die-hard eco warrior to do your bit for the planet. So, let’s get together and make a difference whilst we still can.

Top Tip: Whilst the filtration system in the bottle means that you do have to use it like a straw, if you tip it upside down you will still get enough water out to wet your toothbrush and clean your teeth with! 
Thank you from all of us at Fleewinter.
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