We are very proud of our tailor-made trips in Laos but no one says it better than our lovely customers who have tried and tested our holidays. Take a peek at their comments below.

"All went very smoothly and as expected. The service provided by the agents in Luang Prabang was very good and our guide/driver for the first four days, Chan, were excellent. Highlight was an early morning trip to the Kuang Si falls where we were served an unexpectedly comprehensive picnic breakfast sitting at a table next to the fall - completely on our own! Magical. We certainly felt we had got the type of experience we wanted and expected." - Henry B., Feb, 2019

Magical. Feb, 2019

"The Fleewinter team was very helpful with recommendations, the whole experience was arranged very efficiently. We loved the complimentary app service to check our itinerary whilst travelling" - Brooks, Feb 2019

All very efficient... Feb, 2019

"The elephant sanctuary was extraordinary, such an emotional day. The work they are doing is incredible and much needed as elephant riding is still way too popular in Laos.
Other highlights, on both the experience and the positive impact in their communities, were the buffalo dairy farm -absolutely brilliant and interactive - and ock pop tok -helping women weavers to get fair prices-. Champasak spa was incredible, as well as the falls on Don Khon.
The little touches like breakfast at falls made the holiday as perfect as it was." - Jo S, Jan 2019

The little touches made the holiday perfect... Jan, 2019

"It is definitely worth discovering Laos before the high speed rail link to China is completed in 2025, and all the hydro-electric schemes are completed which we think will change the culture of the northern regions.
There were some real highlights for us: the sunrise trip to Wat Phou, the boat trip to the 4000 islands, the new elephant sanctuary outside Luang Prabang - no riding, just walking with the elephants was really special, the picnic breakfast on our own at the waterfall outside Luang Prabang and the river trip from Muang La to Nong Khiaw with picnic lunch on a beach was brilliant.
Unforgettable! - Fiona F, March 2018

Worth discovering Laos before... March 2018

"Thank you for organising an awesome visit to Laos. Certainly exceeded my expectations in many ways but the smiley, friendly people were a highlight. The guides also deserve a special mention as they were absolutely brilliant. The cars and drivers were also terrific. The itinerary was amazing, we weren’t sure about the extremely early starts but put our faith in you and the guides and were pleased that we did. Lots of unrepeatable experiences - well done again! - Richard S, Jan 2018

The smiley, friendly people were a highlight... Jan 2018

We all had the best time, thanks largely to Delia's excellent suggestions and organisation. One of the best signs of a great family holiday is that we all had different highlights: I loved the alms giving and Kuang Shi falls in Luang! A huge and special thanks also for enabling an unforgettable birthday surprise. It was all brilliant - thank you - Ed S, Jan 2018

The best signs of a great family holiday... Jan 2018

An amazing experience, curated carefully by Delia to fit our interests. As first-timers to Laos, we just loved the whole experience.
We were lucky with the boating trip as we went later in the day (actually were the very last boat to finally get back, after dark!) and it was truly magical, without the crowds so we felt very lucky.
Excellent response times - amazing really - and no issue with a bit of back and forth to tailor-make and tweak. Felt very hand-held throughout the experience. - Claire MK, Jan 2018

arranged to experience without the crowds... Jan 2018

We really had a fantastic trip and all of the guides and drivers where wonderful and we had a very good mix of sightseeing activities and relaxation.
Perfect customer service. Delia was extremely helpful, responsive and very knowledgeable. Besides swift replies, she came up with a wonderful itinerary and was very flexible with any additional requests we had." - Liana M., Jan 2017

A very good mix... Jan 2017

"We had the pleasure to experience again Delia's usual perfect mix of 'more affordable' with luxury: I lost track of the hotels but all were value for money and excellently managed. The Elephant sanctuary visit was the BEST day of the holiday and they have some innovative ideas to thwart poaching and stop farmers injuring elephants - both very impressed with their activities and we're now furiously fund raising for them in the UK!" - Nicola K, Dec 2017

The perfect mix of 'affordable' with luxury... Dec 2017