How to spend your time

Whether you’re travelling alone, with your significant other, friends or with your children, there’s plenty of entertainment in Egypt to enjoy in your free time.

During the day you can explore the beautiful gardens and parks of Egypt’s major cities, such as the Montazah Gardens in Alexandria and Al-Azhar Park in Cairo, or take a stroll down the Nile banks in all of Egypt’s Nile Valley destinations before stopping for lunch or dinner at one of the charming floating restaurants. You can also try felucca sailing to experience the traditional way of travelling along the Nile. Shopping is also one of the most accessible options to fill in gaps on your holiday schedule. You’ll find anything you’re looking for in traditional souks, modern shopping malls and exclusive boutiques. You’ll find plenty of cinemas in Cairo and other major cities. You can also take your children to a theme park or let them discover more about Ancient Egypt at the Pharaonic Village in Cairo.

When the sun goes down, it’s time for you to dress up and explore bars, nightclubs and lounges in Egypt’s top inland destinations, go for a crazy yacht party cruise on the Red Sea or indulge in a scrumptious dinner with live entertainment aboard one of the Nile dinner cruisers. A good idea would also be to check the local events calendar at your hotel to plan a movie night out or catch an interesting spectacle at one of the towns’ theatres or opera house. One thing you must visit while in Cairo is the Opera House. The vibrant Egyptian cultural scene is constantly bursting with art exhibitions, cultural events, festivals and international musical performances. Entertainment in Egypt comes in many flavours, find out about the different possibilities in our list of attractions below:


No trip to Egypt should be planned without including an aspect of culture. However the country is so abundant you will be sure to see a whole lot wherever your trip takes you.

Ancient Egypt: Ancient Egypt grips the imagination, touches the soul and inspires the uninspired. You simply can’t escape over 7000 years of historical influence that Ancient Egypt enjoys. The legacy of Ancient Egypt, with names like Ramses, Nefertiti and Tutankhamen and places like the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx echoes in art, literature and popular culture. Travel to Egypt to see breathtaking temples, fascinating mummies and stunning artwork. Ancient Egypt is truly a cradle of civilisation.

Modern Egypt: In Cairo and most of Egypt’s major cities you’ll find skyscrapers, highways, international hotels, restaurants, mass advertising, western clothing, local clothing, ancient monuments, historical mosques, Coptic churches, and traditional souks; all blending together into the unique mosaic that is modern Egypt. Over the past decade, Egypt has grown to become the modern hub of Africa; the country boasts numerous airports, ports and modern marinas, and major cities are connected through a network of newly built highways. Visit the major achievements of modern Egyptian architecture such as the High Dam, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and contemporary art museums.

Sun & Sea:

Water Activities: Water activities, water games, water sports and sunbathing is a must do while you visit the Red Sea or the White Med. You’ll find pool side bars in hotels, seaside restaurants, ancient and new harbours, seaside citadels, coastal islands and plenty of diving sites. You can start your day with a safari or a tour of Ancient Egyptian ruins and end your day sunbathing, going off for a swim and enjoying a cool drink with sheesha while you take in the last rays of sun as it sets over the sea.

Diving: The Red Sea has amazing coral reefs that are a magnet for thousands of species. Explore fully equipped facilities, live-aboard diving, a myriad of programs and internationally certified instructors. The Red Sea resorts of Hurghada, Sharm El-Sheikh, Marsa Alam and El Gouna are wonderful destinations that offer diving holidays and facilities all year round because of their moderate temperature. It doesn’t matter if you have never dived before, if you’re a beginner or a veteran,  we will find the right program for you and you’ll surely be coming back for more.

Beaches: Egypt is known for its famous beach resorts. It is bordered by the wilds of the Red Sea and the relaxation of the Mediterranean thus Egypts modern beach resorts provide a slice of solace for its tourism industry. The stunning coastline along the Red Sea is a magnet for sun-worshippers looking for year-round sunshine. A country of reliably fantastic weather, crystal waters and mile upon mile of fine sandy beaches, Egypt offers holiday experiences that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. From postcard-perfect beaches and weather conditions ideal for water sport enthusiasts, to secluded bays, romantic lagoons and castaway islands, the best beaches in Egypt come in all shapes and sizes.

Nile Cruises: Sailing the Nile along the lush Nile Valley surrounded by golden dunes and sightseeing Ancient Egyptian monuments such as Kom Ombo and Abu Simbel is tourism at its best. Wake to the soft light of the morning sun, take in the heat and cool off in the pool on the deck of a cruiser; watch fishermen cast their nets, farmers take to their fields, a flight of birds, and water buffalos staring back at you. Book a Nile cruise and you just might unravel another layer of the mystery that is Ancient Egypt. For a softer but still very inspiring cruise experience in Egypt, try the short felucca cruises on the Nile, in Aswan, Luxor or Cairo, or take it to the next level and enjoy an unforgettable night aboard one of the luxurious dinner cruises available in the Egyptian capital.

Spa & Wellness: Egypt has been a healing destination since ancient times thanks to its sunny and dry climate. The desert is ideal for treatments such as sand bathing and therapeutic dips in hot springs. Desert sands have proven qualities that heal arthritis and rheumatic pains. Egypt has rich therapeutic environments that attract people from around the world to enjoy its sand, climate, natural mineral water and sulphuric springs that cure numerous bone, muscle, kidney, skin and stomach diseases. Plan your trip around your needs to mix a healthy balance of sightseeing and relaxation, choose a wellness spa resort. Egyptian spas are located throughout Egypt, but some of the best are found in Cairo and the Red Sea Resorts. Wellness spa resorts cater to your every desire and need, provide world class facilities and treatments. Egypt’s spas also offer locally made natural products and treatments that build on centuries of health and wellness practices. Free your mind and body in an unforgettable Egyptian spa experience.

Golf: Golf in Egypt is a hundred year old tradition since the Gezira Sporting Club and the famous Mena House Golf course near the Giza pyramids first opened in the late 1800’s. By the 1950’s, there were seven world class golf courses in Egypt. All in all, today there are 20 top-scale operational golf courses in Egypt’s major cities and European golf competitions have included Egypt among other world-class golf destinations. New real-estate developments located in the suburbs of Cairo host amazing greens, these include the Katameya Dunes Golf Course, the Orange Lakes Golf Club, and the Allegria Golf Course, among others. Moreover, The Red Sea coastal destinations boast some of the most scenic courses to play at: Red Sea vacationers enjoy paradisiacal surroundings of crystal clear lagoons at El-Gouna Golf Course, whereas others experience what it is like to play golf on a peninsula in the amazing Cascades Golf Resort in Soma Bay.