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Exploring The Silk Road

When to Visit The Silk Road

Due to China’s huge landmass climate can vary enormously across the Silk Road area. Summers are generally hot although the south of the country has a more tropical climate and rain can be experienced at any time of year. Winters are cold and dry and even in some cities such as Beijing the temperate can drop to -13°C

The Silk Road is such a vast area and there are distinct weather seasons and climates in different areas. Our tours along the Silk Road in China generally travel from East to West  visiting Xian, Xiahe, Dunhuang, Turpan and Kashgar in Xinjiang, China’s Far-west Province. The best time to travel along the Chinese Silk Road is spring and autumn where the temperatures are pleasant around 25°C and there is little rain. You can travel along the Chinese Silk Road during the summer months, when the average temperature is 30°C in Kashgar and temperatures can reach 40°C in Turpan. Winter along the Silk Road are pretty harsh with cold weather below 0°C and sometimes snow, the high mountain passes are closed for tourists and the travel infrastructure is limited, so this is not a good time to travel.

Climate and weather by travel months/ seasons.

April – early July: Spring generally arrives quite late along the Silk Road but changes to summer quite rapidly with marked changes in temperature. Early spring temperatures range from 4° to 11°C and rise quickly to 14°/ 26°C towards the end of the season. The range of altitude along the Silk Road means temperatures can vary greatly between day and night. Spring brings a fantastic array of flora and is a very pretty time to travel. If you plan to cross some of the high mountain passes as part of your itinerary it’s best to plan travel from mid May.

July – August: Silk Road summer are hot, can reach 40°C plus with average of around 30°C . Compared to the rest of China Silk Road summers are generally dry with very few rainy days per month. Summer is the season of fruits especially grapes and melons and a great time to travel if you like or are comfortable travelling in hot weather.

September – October:  The signs of Autumn can be witnessed and felt as early as September, but this is still the best and favoured time to travel along the Silk Road.  The weather is cooler and generally dry. By October Winter is well on its way and temperatures can drop dramatically, although the colours and autumn leaves are spectacular. The first week in October is National Holiday week and we recommend that you avoid this time if possible as services are stretched by locals travelling across the country.

Khiva, a delightful, small, walled city, is often overlooked on tours through the region but its labyrinth of side streets and small squares have a very particular charm that evokes the centuries of history the city has witnessed.
Dunhuang is a fascinating city full of historical and cultural riches. The main highlight is Moago caves - known as the Cave of a Thousand Buddhas - which are home to fantastic Buddhist murals and art. There are nearly 500 caves and over 2000 coloured statues. Crescent Lake, a beautiful clear water lake set in a desert oasis is only a short drive away.
Xiahe attracts very few travellers but those who do make the journey will be rewarded with spectacular mountain views and the opportunity to visit the majestic 18th century Labrang Monastery. Founded in 1709, this is one of the largest Tibetan Buddhist monasteries outside the Tibet Autonomous Region. You can learn the fascinating history of Tibetan Buddhism and discover the daily life of monks.
Turpan is located in the Turpan Basin at the depth of 154 m below sea level and known sometimes as "Fire Land”, because it is the hottest city in China and one of the driest places in the world. Some of the places of interest are the ruins of Gaochang, Astana tombs and the Bezeklik Buddha caves which are decorated with wonderful murals.
One of the great trading cities along the Silk Road, Bukhara’s layout and architecture bring its past to life and make for a truly fascinating visit. During your visit you can stay in stunning boutique hotels that are perfectly located in the old town of medieval Bukhara.
The historic town of Samarkand lies at an ancient caravan crossroads and is a melting pot of world cultures. It was Tamerlaine’s capital and contains some of Asia’s most stunning architecture. There are plenty of traditional hotels to choose from, featuring classic Uzbek décor, that are close to
One of the great trading cities along the Silk Road, Bukhara’s layout and architecture bring its past to life and make for a truly fascinating visit. During your visit you can stay in stunning boutique hotels that are perfectly located in the old town of medieval Bukhara.

The magnificent archaeological site of Merv was once one of Central Asia’s most civilised cities and is referred to as the Pearl of the East. This is a vast site of 125 square kilometres and due to its location along the Great Silk Road Route, several cities have existed on the site of current Merv.
Almaty, the former capital of Kazakhstan and its largest city, is situated at the foot of the northern Tien Shan ridge - Zaili Alatau. Almaty was one of the ancient cities on the Great Silk Road, but this modern and bustling leafy city has plenty of sights to visit, such as Panflilov Park, Zenkov Russian Cathedral and the busy Zelyony (Green) Bazzar.

Tashkent is one of the oldest cities on the Great Silk Road between China and Europe and the capital of Uzbekistan. You will be able to explore the Old Quarter of Tashkent with its impressive Khast Imam Complex, wander around Chorsu Bazaar and take the metro to the city centre.
Kashgar is an oasis city in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in the far west of China. It has been an important trading centre since the days of the ancient Silk Road, where it was at the point of four branches of the Silk Road despite being surrounded by the mighty obstacles of the Pamir mountains and the Taklamakan desert.

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