Cayman Brac & Little Cayman

The small islands of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman offer a quiet alternative to glamorous, lively Grand Cayman. Little Cayman has a Robinson Crusoe feeling with some of the best diving in the Caribbean at Bloody Bay Marine Park. On land, it’s an ideal place to get away from it all, lounge in a hammock, and listen to the sound of palm leaves rustling. Cayman Brac is a bit larger with caves to explore, walking trails, a Parrot reserve, the bluff that gave the island its name, a handful of restaurants, and a few other ways to keep busy when you aren’t diving or relaxing by the water.

There are few hotels on these sister islands and some cater specifically to divers. Below is our favourite Little Cayman hotel for those who may want a bit of diving on their holiday but aren’t seeking a dive-focused trip and our preferred dive option on Cayman Brac. If you’re interested in staying on either of the sister islands, please call (UK) 020 7112 0019 or email us at to discuss options. Our expert is an avid diver who also loves a good afternoon in a hammock and will help plan your ideal holiday in the Cayman Islands.