Riverkids Cambodia

One of the hardest things about travelling a beautiful country like Cambodia is seeing the poverty around you, especially when it affects children, and not knowing how best to help. It is very common for children as young as four or five to be selling their wares on the streets, trying to make a quick buck, and for others it can end even more tragically – with the very real threat of child trafficking.


At Fleewinter we are delighted to support Riverkids, a tremendous charity based in Phnom Penh that works with some of the capital’s most vulnerable children and seeks to give them one of the greatest gifts of life – an education.

The charity sets up community centres near some of the city’s biggest slums, where they run after school tuition programmes led by a ‘housemother’ (who is recruited from the community), and a teacher and social worker. As the children gain confidence and skills, the charity then enrols them into a nearby state school. The charity runs a range of other projects all aimed at educating Cambodia’s poorest children.

Through their work, Riverkids is able to find the most troubled families, and has become a lifeline for many. With the growing trust of the community, the charity is informed of planned child trafficking and exploitation, and can intervene before a child is harmed.

We invite all customers to make a donation to Riverkids when they book their holiday to Cambodia, and we match that donation. If you would like to get involved with the charity in other ways when you return to the UK there are plenty of opportunities – including becoming a pen pal with a child to help their English. A little encouragement and kindness from their new-friend in England can go a long way – take a look at their website for more details.

For customers who would like to learn more about the work of the charity, we can arrange for you to join a Riverkids advocacy walk in Phnom Penh, which will will take you to the places and people surviving in Phnom Penh’s slums. Ask us more about this when booking your holiday.