Travel Essentials

Currency:  When planning your Barbados vacation remember that the Barbados Dollar is converted at the rate of $1.98 BDS to $1.00 U.S.  The Barbados Dollar is fixed to the U.S Dollar and does not fluctuate. Its rate to other currencies fluctuates daily based on their fluctuations relative to the U.S. Dollar.

On your travels around Barbados you will find that US currency is accepted across the island, and most stores and restaurants accept major credit cards and travellers cheques. Of course most Barbados hotels and other lodgings also accept these various forms of payment.

Vaccinations: There are no major requirements for Vaccinations etc from most countries, when coming to Barbados. Please contact you local BTA Office for the latest Information.

Visas & Passports: Every person entering Barbados, including all North American citizens (Americans and Canadians), should be in possession of a valid passport and a valid return ticket.  No visas required for UK and USA nationals.

Telephone & Post
Country code: 001 246  international code

Electricity: Electricity in Barbados is: 110 volts/50 cycles.   There is a reliable electricity supply, with only the occasional outage.  Standard plug types in Barbados are: (1) Flat blade (2 flat blades) and (2) Flat blades with round grounding pin.

Tipping: In Barbados, many restaurants will add a percentage of gratuity to the bill, especially for larger groups. You’ll need to check for this to make sure you’re not tipping twice. If the tip is not already included, 10 to 15 percent is customary, although more is certainly allowed at your discretion if you feel that your service was particularly good, or that more of a tip is warranted for other reasons.  For bartenders, the customary tip is $1(USD) per round of drinks unless the order was particularly large or time consuming, in which case more may be deserved.

Crime & Nuisances:  Barbados is a relatively safe place to visit. Crime most often is characterised by petty theft and street crime. Incidents of violent crime, including rape, do occur occasionally, so visitors should be especially cautious on the beaches at night.  Barbados is still much safer than most large cities in the United States and Europe, but staying alert and taking proper precautions are always the best way to ensure a safe and secure holiday.