Dog Sledding

Travel to the north of Iceland to the Lake Myvatn area and dog-sled across one of the most beautiful landscapes in Iceland past mountain ridges and peaks, craters and volcanoes and steaming geothermal areas. These magical moments are indescribable as you breathe in the fresh air and glide across the silent white plains with a beautiful team of Siberian huskies in front of you. Sit at the front on the sleigh and relax and then have a go standing up and attempting to control the team yourself under the careful guidance of Bergpora or one of her team.

If you visit Iceland outside the winter months you can still go sledding but on hard ground and on sleds which have wheels.

Duration: The tour will last approximately 2 hours in total with roughly 45mins -1hr dog sledding time covering roughly 7-8km.

My advice: Book a Kennel Visit: If time allows make sure you book a kennel visit to the farm so you  can meet the entire team of 20+ huskies and you will learn about the breed, their role, have plenty of cuddles and most likely be covered in husky kisses – perfect for families or dog lovers.

Requirement: children must be 2+

Season (all year round)

Combination: Combine a couple of hours dog-sledding with an exhilarating snowmobile tour