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Exploring Zanzibar

Getting Around

Getting around the island of Zanzibar is relatively easy as all the hotels and resorts offer airport transfers and transport to all the activities on offer throughout the island.  Being a third world country you will not see expensive cars with all the mod-cons that one expects to find in more developed European countries, however the transport is comfortable, usually with air-conditioning and will get you to where you need to be.

For the more ambitious it is also possible to hire your own car for the duration or part of your holiday on Zanzibar to give you some freedom to explore the island at your own pace.  There are a few road rules that you will need to get accustomed to – like hooting as you approaching a vehicle or bicycle you want to over take… you will soon get the hang of it.  And everyone drives on the left, so you dont need to relearn the road rules.  Driving in Stone Town can be more of an experience, as typical of most African cities, the road rules become a bit blurry and you may need to dodge a few cows or donkeys on the road….

Most of our clients prefer to use the transport on offer at the hotels and resorts they are staying at as this is easy and allows a person to really relax and just enjoy the treats of the island!

Stone Town
The main hub of Zanzibar island, bustling with activity and a great selection of local markets to visit. More
Central-South Zanzibar
Less touristy with kilometers of sandy white beaches and some great snorkelling and reef diving nearby More

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