Laura and David’s Honeymoon

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Dearest friends and family,

Thank you very much for visiting our honeymoon page, which we are delighted to share with you.

After the long months of planning, researching (and dress shopping), we are planning to spend the first few weeks of our marriage exploring Vietnam and Cambodia.

From tropical islands to ancient temples and cruises, it really will be a trip of a lifetime and  a completely unique experience for us. We are fortunate in that we have a lovely home together with all we need in it and find ourselves not needing much else – except for perhaps some memories that will last forever.

Your presence is present enough but if you do wish to leave us a gift then any donation towards our honeymoon will be gratefully received. This link will take you to our donation page – just use the ‘CHANGE AMOUNT’ button to set the gift. Please put your name in the ‘card name’ box so we can give you a big thank you and if you wish to send us a message at the same time please email it to

We’ve posted a few photos below of where we are staying to give you an idea of the wonderful trip we have planned.

Right, we’re off now to carry on preparing our special day.

Much love,

Laura and David x