Topas Eco Lodge Sapa - VSP002

A cluster of 25 individual bungalows perched on a picturesque hill in the north-east, with sweeping views of cascading rice terraces and lush valleys of Sapa.

25 Bedrooms, Sleeps 50

Infinity Swimming pool
Wi-fi in main building
Air-conditioning and mini-bar (only in Executive Bungalows)
Restaurant with set menu
Mosquito nets

"The Eco lodge was fantastic and very reasonably priced - 2 cocktails, 2 glasses of wine and dinner for two was less than $25 - Suneil K, April 2018

“Beautiful views and lovely apartments. Great food. Blew us away.” - Jo S. Jan, 2015.

The Topas Eco Lodge sits on a beautiful secluded hilltop, offering some of the most dramatic views in Vietnam. It is the ideal mountain getaway for people who want to make the rest of the world feel like a distant memory.

The small development prides itself on its sustainability - the solar-powered bungalows are constructed from white granite sourced from a nearby quarry and roofs are thatched with palm branches. To channel maximum economic benefits back to the community, locals are employed and indigenous products and goods are used.

There are two types of bungalows to choose from; the Deluxe Bungalows and the Executive Bungalows. Both are the same size; spacious rustic chalets with smart en-suite bathrooms and balconies with spectacular views. The only difference is the view - the Deluxe overlook Ban Ho village to the south and the Executive overlook Thanh Kim village to the north. There is some development on the landscape to the south, and while this is quite minimal we therefore prefer the views from the Executive bungalows (rooms 101 - 108). But now we’re splitting hairs…

The restaurant consists of two old traditional Tay stilt houses, which have been carefully moved piece by piece from its original site and reassembled at the lodge, with more equipment to meet modern standards while respecting its original and historical qualities. The restaurant serves three meals daily for up to 70 guests, either served as a set menu or buffet. The breakfast is primarily international and includes among other fresh baked bread, homemade jam and fresh made juice. The lunch and dinner menu are though, mainly traditional Vietnamese dishes, such as spring rolls, banana flower salad, morning glory, and steamed rice. The dinner is a set menu every night and costs about $25.

The Lodge will not be for everyone; it is a 45 minute drive to the town of Sapa, there are no TVs in the room - nor is there a swimming pool or any spa facilities at the resort. Do not be surprised if there is a power cut - and - during the rice planting season they can struggle with a lack of water. However, if you would like to be surrounded by breath-taking views, enjoy a peaceful and quiet retreat away from the nearby tourist town, then the Eco Lodge is the perfect destination. What’s more, on the journey to town, you’ll meet many of the ethnic minorities of this area and probably a few buffalos.

Sapa has seen a big rise in the number of tourists visiting over the past few years and even the Lodge, which is away from the main hustle and bustle of the town, is not immune to the effects of that. There is often a group of Red Dzao minority women that gather at the entrance to the lodge selling their wares. Like all the good salespeople in Vietnam, they can be persistent, but a smile and a firm no is all that is needed if you are not interested in their goods.