Darvaza Wild Camping Darvaza Crater, Turkmenistan - CAT007

Seeing the sunset over the Darvaza gas crater situated in the Karakum desert provides an experience you will never forget.

6 Bedrooms, Sleeps 12

Camping gear
Dome tent
Sleeping bag
Sleeping mat
No showers or toilets

The most incredible way to experience Darvaza is camping out in the wilderness – and Darvaza Wild Camping is a basic campsite, but a truly adventurous experience.

In an otherwise barren landscape, the Darvaza Crater, also known as the Door to Hell, has been burning for more than four decades. The story goes that Soviet scientists set the 69-metre-wide sinkhole alight to prevent the spread of methane gas after a drilling rig gave way.

After an off-road drive across the dunes of northern Turkmenistan, you’ll spend the night camping out in the Karakum Desert. The camping team have the correct permissions to set up tents near the rim with an unobstructed view of the crater and mattresses, sleeping bags and pillows are provided. Please note there are no shower or toilet facilities.

Dinner will be cooked up by the team and served al fresco while you admire the desert landscape. It’s typical Turkmen fare, such as plov (mutton stew with fried rice), chorba (beef stew) and Turkmen samosas filled with meat, spinach or cheese. As night falls, the bubbling orange crater sunk into the desert landscape looks even more spectacular. This will certainly be a night to remember.