When to visit The Gambia

With average temperature highs between 29°C and 34°C and plenty of sunshine throughout the year, the sub-tropical climate of The Gambia makes it a fabulous year-round holiday destination. There are, however, two distinct seasons with most people preferring to visit during the winter months. Even at the busiest time of year, while the hotels do get full, the beaches are never overcrowded, and whatever time of year you go, the weather is always wonderfully warm.


The Dry Season (November to Mid June)

The high season in The Gambia runs from November to the middle of June when no rain is virtually guaranteed. 

The dry season begins mid-autumn with November seeing around of 8 hours sunshine a day, temperature highs of 32°C and the humidity starts to reduce.

The temperature drops a tad in December, and the humidity is noticeably more comfortable while the number of hours of sunshine continues to rise. Why not spend Christmas on the beach or see in the New Year under an African starlit sky?

The beautiful weather continues throughout January although the evenings can be a little fresh, so do bring a light jacket with you.

From February to May there’s an average of 10 hours of sunshine with March being the hottest month with temperature highs around 34°C.


The Green Season (Mid June to October)

The rainy or green season starts towards the end of June and lasts until the end of October. There’s still plenty of sunshine, but it’s interspersed with rain showers and humidity is high.

In June the humidity starts to rises, but there’s still an average of 9 hours of sunshine. The rainy season usually begins in the second half of June, with just the occasional shower.

From July through September, humidity is high, and rain is more common, but there is still an average of 6 hours of sunshine a day. The rain tends to fall in short sharp showers, mainly in the evening or at night, usually having little impact on people’s holidays.

August tends to be the coolest month averaging highs of 29°C. In September, in particular, the water in the swimming pools and the sea is marvellously warm.

Come October the humidity is still high, but the rain showers reduce, and the sun shines for an average of 8 hours a day. The Gambia is lush and green.