Finding a fairytale setting for your dream wedding is no easy task, but as destinations go we think Sri Lanka is one of the finest. With stunning sandy shores, lush jungles and beautiful hill top tea plantations you are spoilt for choice when it comes to picture-perfect settings.

Most types of ceremony are available in Sri Lanka, from authentic Christian, Muslim and Hindu ceremonies to a traditional and colourful Buddhist service. Non-denominational ceremonies conducted by registrars are also very popular, as well as blessings and renewing of vows.

The traditional Sri Lankan Buddhist ceremony dates back to the third century BC. It is laden with beautiful rituals and takes place on a wooden base decorated with flowers known as the Poruwa, while the date and time is often chosen with help from an astrologer who compares the bride and groom’s horoscopes. Couples are often accompanied to the Poruwa by drummers and Kandyan dancers and, during the ceremony, seven betel leaf bundles are offered to the Gods with a request that protection is provided to the seven generations that originate from the marriage. Couples exchange rings like British weddings but the groom also dresses the bride with a gold necklace and there is a chanting of blessings, while your small fingers are tied together with gold thread to symbolise the bond and unity. Holy water is poured over your fingers. As you step down from the ‘Poruwa’, a coconut is broken as a symbolic gesture to drive away evil spirits.

Elements of this ceremony can easily be incorporated to church or non-denominational services. Aside from wedding ceremonies, we can also help arrange other services like blessings and Renewal of Vows ceremonies.