“The sea cures all ailments of man.”
– Plato
Oceano Hotel Health Spa harnesses the healing power of the sea and combines it with the rejuvenating FX Mayer detox concept. The perfect place for a results-driven holiday.

91 Bedrooms, Sleeps 170

Salt Water Swimming Pool
Natural Sea Swimming Pools
Steam and Sauna Spa Facilities
Thalasso pool
FX Mayer Medical Centre

In an almost forgotten corner in the North West of Tenerife, nearly fully surrounded by the Atlantic is Oceano Hotel Health Spa. Located close to the shore promenade of the small fishing village of Punta del Hidalgo and away from the busy tourist areas, you will experience peace and tranquillity that only the sea can give.

The island’s mild year-round climate, the beautiful lush green environment and specialised treatments give you the natural support your body needs to unwind, relax and rejuvenate.

Led by a professional team of doctors and therapists, the spa treatments are aimed at aiding detox or boosting fitness, through massages, shiatsu practices, osteopathy and natural cosmetics. Combining the power of the ocean with thalasso therapies and the detoxification expertise of FX Mayer medical centre, Oceano is the perfect place for a results driven wellness holiday.

Thalassotherapy (the use of seawater in treatments) has long been used for curative and preventative purposes to treat a wide range of ailments. Oceano uses thalassotherapy in the form of bathing, exfoliation and wraps.

The FX Mayer detoxification concept was created by the Austrian Doctor Mayr when he discovered through is research that many diseases originate in the digestive system. He went on to develop a cleansing method that would give the intestines a rest, flush out the toxins and rejuvenate the body.
The typical process on a Mayr Concept detox begins with a Doctor's consultation to establish your state of health & constitution in order to decide on the level of the Mayr diet that you should start on. The idea is that you start at a low level and gradually introduce more food types as your detox progresses.
The 91 rooms and suites are decorated in warm colours and contrast with the elemental area surrounding the hotel. All have glorious views of the Atlantic. Equipped with all the amenities of a 4-star hotel they provide the basis for a relaxing stay.

Freshly and carefully prepared products preferably locally sourced are the basis of OCÉANO’s cuisine. Our menu naturally contains fish, seafood, meat and poultry in various forms. Vegetarian cuisine is prepared with special creativity. Breakfast provides an opportunity to enjoy the island’s fresh fruits such as typical goat milk products from La Punta or warm dishes among other treats.

There are natural swimming pools where barrier have been put around the sea so you can swim in it safely. In grounds of the beautiful garden is the seawater pool where you can relax and sunbath. Indoor thalassopool and a range of steam and sauna make up the rest of the wellness facilities. On the 11th floor, there is a special nude deck, which is protected from wind and any foreign eyes. The fitness area overlooks the sea and you are kept cool with the Atlantic breeze.

There is a wide range of activities that can be undertaken, including yoga, personal training, meditation, Nordic walking, cycling and many more. Trips to other areas of the island can be arranged.