Longevity Cegonha Country Club Vilamoura, Portugal - SPP011

Longevity promotes deep understanding of the causes of imbalances and offers individualised strategies to improve health and well-being.

32 Bedrooms, Sleeps 64

Detox & Relax Wet Area Circuit
Spa Area
Fitness & Gym Area
Body & Mind Activities Room
Relaxation Areas
Outdoor Swimming Pool
PURE Cafe by Longevity
Tennis courts
External Experiences Concierge
Shuttle service to Beach & Marina (Vilamoura)
Free outdoor private parking

Longevity Cegonha Country Club is a charming four star hotel with Spa and Wellness facilities and services, nestled in a tranquil and green area of Vilamoura (Algarve), yet surrounded by the amazing Vilamoura lifestyle with beaches, marina, golf courses, walking and biking trails, and many other attractions.

Offering an indulgent array of daily Body & Mind group activities and a wide range of Spa & Wellness facilities and services, within a welcoming and cosy atmosphere, it is the perfect place to enjoy a fun leisure holiday or spa and wellness retreat.

Longevity Cegonha Country Club has designed Spa & Wellness Programmes in the following areas: Spa & Pampering, Rebalance & De-Stress, Fitness & Bootcamp, Detox and Weight Loss. These programmes are based on the Longevity concept of preventive, personalised, predictive and participatory medicine and offers individualised strategies to improve health and well-being.

Guests enjoy access to the Longevity Vitality Activity Plan, which includes a variety of body, mind, fitness, sports and leisure group activities. Guests also have access to the detox and relax wet area circuit. Which includes, infra-red sauna, steam room, epsom salt room, sensations showers tunnel experience, ice fountain, outdoor heated multi-jet pool and relaxation room. At the PURE Cafe by Longevity guests may enjoy healthy & tasty meals and drinks sourced from local fresh products, or embrace the wellness & detox meal plan.
The Longevity solutions are aimed at people that simply seek moments of relaxation and spa break, draining therapies and aesthetic and slimming treatments, but also to those seeking more differentiated solutions and impactful programmes of preventive health and wellness, detoxification, weight loss and anti-ageing

Note: Guests under 16 years old are only allowed in the Hotel between 24 March and 8 April (Easter school holidays) and between 15 July and 31 August.