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Exploring Spain


Andalucia has a tremendous amount to offer for a family holiday and a climate that offers year-round opportunity for exploring the great outdoors. From the action-packed and adrenaline-pumping surfing and pot-holing, to the slower yet active cycling and walking, to total relaxation by the pool….

Southern Spanish culture embraces the youngsters so there is no part of the day or night where they can’t be included and it’s commonplace to see prams and toddlers to young teens dining out late in the warm evenings.

Exploring Andalucia as a family is a lot of fun with plenty of adventure, fascinating history and culture and a relaxed pace of life that creates the perfect backdrop for a low-stress holiday.


Seville is a vibrant, architecturally beautiful city that is full of life and wildly romantic.
Malaga is a great place to start in Andalusia, with a well-connected airport, gorgeous beaches, rich in history and culture and just a stone throw from jaw-dropping hiking.
A green and luscious area of mountain peaks, piercing blue lakes, and picturesque traditional villages.
Fabulous hiking and cycling in this little known area of Andalusia. Perfect for those who are looking for off-the-beaten-track.

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