Weight Loss and Detox

Kickstart a healthier lifestyle with a weight loss and detox programme.

From the physical burdens on our joints to lack of energy and increased likelihood of chronic disease. Our sedentary lifestyle is having serious effects on our bodies. Weight loss has become a common word. Everywhere we look there is a new “diet” or regime to try. One of the reasons it can be so hard to start losing weight and make better lifestyle choices is you can’t escape the pressures and habits of everyday life, or when you’re surrounded by high-calorie food everywhere you go. This is why a weight loss and detox holiday can be the perfect kick-start to a healthier life. When you are surrounded by nutrition and exercise experts, delicious but healthy food, have the support to try exercise classes and supplement with enjoyable treatments. It’s much easier to make the changes needed to start and continue a healthier life.

This is what these detox and weight loss programmes aim to do. Done separately or combined, they will show you how to treat your body and get the results you want and your health needs.

A Detox programme can help you feel good on the inside and look your best on the outside by improving what our bodies are trying to do naturally. Whether you need a few days juice detox or a week-long specialised diet. A detox will give you an energy boost, aide your metabolism, improve your immune system and restore an overall balance to your body.

Whether you are looking to lose a few pounds or are looking to reshape your eating and fitness habits completely. A weight loss holiday may be just what you need. No longer about exhausting boot camps and surviving on a few hundred calories. These weight loss and detox programmes combine luxurious settings with personalised dietary plans, a range of fun fitness classes and pampering but effective spa treatments. All which combine to help you achieve optimal and weight loss results

Below are just a sample of different programmes that can be created. Contact Sarah for a detailed consultation and start achieving your weight loss and detox goals today!