Travelling Within South Africa

Travelling in and around South Africa is relatively easy with a good internal flight network.  Johannesburg serves as the major hub for most connections.  Cape Town’s flight network is growing, now offering daily direct flights to Kruger which makes combining these two iconic regions so easy.   From the Kruger region there are also direct flights to both Victoria Falls and Mozambique allowing you the opportunity to really enjoy a classical Southern Africa holiday with easy access.

The road network in South Africa is majority good highways and roads, although some areas do  have some less desirable roads in some parts.  This however should not be a deterrent as you will still be able to safely reach your destination.  Driving on the same side of the road as the UK also makes driving easy for British travellers and besides a few quirks in terminology, the road signage is good.  South Africans call ‘traffic lights’ ‘robots’, ’roundabouts’ ‘circles’ and ‘city center’ is ‘CBD’ (central business district) – you soon get the hang of it.

The biggest consideration when planning a self-drive holiday is the driving distances and this is where we are there to help you.  It can be deceiving sometimes as a distance of for eg, 300km could be thought to take 3 hours when in fact it might take 4-5 hours if you are travelling through some of the more remote areas of South Africa.

The charter flight offerings in and around South Africa, in particular the Kruger region, are great and we can confidently say that we can easily offer you a holiday connecting the furthest northern Kruger region with the most remote island in Mozambique – at a fee of course!