Ant's Bush Homes Waterberg Private Game Reserve - AWB001

Ant's Nest & Ant's Hill are both exclusive bush homes located in a private game conservancy in the malaria free Waterberg region, an easy 3 hours from Johannesburg and offering a unique safari experience for all ages.

13 Bedrooms, Sleeps 26

Pool - Yes
Restaurant - Meals All Included

Malaria Free
Ideal for couples & families
Unique Safari experience
Variety of activites
Only 3 hours from Johannesburg

Ant’s Bush Homes offer a great horseback safari for guests of all ages and no matter if they are beginners or novice riders, they have a herd of almost 90, well trained horses for all skills, even the younger children, under the age of 4, can ride their own little pony whilst being led by a guide, so all is safe and sound. This is a paradise for riders as well as non-riders, as they offer a variety of activities like day & night game drives, guided walks & walking safaris, night sky safari, photographic safaris, mountain biking, bush running, fishing, snake & reptile talks and wine tasting evenings.

Ant’s Nest is lying in a natural amphitheater and was the original homestead, with its wide verandahs, it has a classic African atmosphere, offering six luxury accommodations.

Ant’s Hill is on the edge of a cliff with stunning views down the valley and across the Waterberg, the lodge offers five different luxury cottages.

Ant’s Nest and Ant’s Hill are situated on their own private game reserve which covers 12500 acres of pristine Waterberg bushveld. The reserve is made out of 12 different ecological zones from open grassy plains to thick montane bush to savannah bushveld.

Since the Waterberg lies on an intercontinental divergence zone we have a wider variety of flora and fauna than elsewhere in Africa. The diverse topography of the reserve also enables us to naturally sustain over 40 species of game including giraffe, white rhino, sable antelope, Roan antelope, buffalo, nyala, gemsbok (Oryx), kudu, Livingstone eland, blue wildebeest (gnu), red hartebeest, zebra, impala, bushbuck, duiker, steenbuck, mountain reedbuck, waterbuck, warthog, blesbuck, baboons, bushpig, klipspringer, leopard, jackal, brown hyena, caracal, civet and genet to name but a few. For those of you who are passionate about birds, there are well over 300 species of resident and migrant birds.
Sable antelope are today one of the most conservation dependant specie in South Africa and rarely seen in any National park. We started with a small core herd in 2001 and today have a successful, well established and viable breeding herd.

Guests are always welcome to join in on any management activities on the reserves such as game capture and relocation, treating injured animals, burning firebreaks, game census on horseback etc.
Game Census is an annual safari, it’s a time in the bush when wildlife conservation prevails and guests have the opportunity to be part of it for an entire week between May and June. Game Census means counting game, relocating wildlife, helping the vet to dart and capturing an animal if it needs medical treatment. Purpose of this unique safari is to keep the private reserve and its animal residents thriving. Traditionally game censuses are done by helicopter but at Ant’s they capitalise on what they know best and perform the whole operation on horseback. It continues to remain more accurate than a helicopter count and most importantly, causes zero disturbance to the wildlife. It’s a unique way to experience the bush in a way that whole-heartedly immerses participants into anything but ordinary activities on the private game reserve.