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The Seychelles archipelago is a year-round destination, as the climate is pleasantly tropical, with average temperatures around 30 degrees. Between December and March, you may experience short rain showers, but otherwise the sky is a beautiful blue. The islands are located outside of cyclone belt. So when is the best time to visit the Seychelles?

The Seychelles have two seasons, each determined by the winds; the first being the north-westerly monsoon which blows from October to March and brings hot and humid air, while the second is the south-east wind which blows from May to September, bringing cooler and breezier weather. The months in between these winds i.e. April, May, October and November are considered the best time to visit The Seychelles.

High season for the Seychelles, with prices at their peak, is July and August, Christmas and New Year, as well as the Chinese New Year and Easter.

You might however choose to follow the activity guide below in order to pick the best time for visiting the Seychelles:

  • December, January and February – for great fishing
  • March – a fantastic time for diving and fishing
  • April – a good month for diving and birdwatching (breeding season), great for swimming and boat excursions
  • May – perfect for diving, hiking, surfing and windsurfing, birdwatching (nesting), also good for swimming and boat excursions
  • June, July and August – ideal for hiking, surfing and windsurfing
  • September – great for diving and birdwatching
  • October and November – good months for diving, fishing, birdwatching (migration), great for swimming and boat excursions

Sailing and snorkelling are considered year-round activities.

Try one of our suggested itineraries and choose  the best time for your to visit Seychelles.

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Bird Island

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