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  • Visas & Passports, the most important Seychelles travel essentials: Visas for the citizens of most of countries are not required to enter the Seychelles. However, to enter the country, the following documents must be provided upon arrival:
    – A passport valid on the date of entry to and exit from the Seychelles
    – Return or onward ticket
    – Proof of accommodation, including local contact details
    – Sufficient funds for the duration of your stay
    Entry is valid up to one month and can be extended for up to three months. Any additional information re visa entry can be found here: Department of Immigration
  • Currency and money: The local currency is the Seychelles Rupee, banks and authorised money dealers exchange US dollars or euros into local currency (passports are required). Credit cards (MasterCard, Visa) are widely accepted on the islands. ATMs can be found at major banks on the main islands such as Mahe, Praslin or La Digue as well as at the airport. Generally banks are open from 08:30am until 2:30pm Monday-Friday, and 08:30 till 11:00am on Saturdays.
  • Electricity: the British standard square three-pin 13amp sharp electric plugs are used in the Seychelles. The voltage is 220-240v.
  • Tipping: as with many countries, it is not obligatory, however most hotels and restaurants will include a 5% to 10% service change as part of the bill.
  • Vaccination, health issues: there is no yellow fever in the Seychelles, malaria is also not a risk on the inlands. People entering the country are asked to fill out a short health form upon arrival.
  • Time difference: the Seychelles are 4 hours ahead of GMT, 3 hours ahead of British summer-time and 2 hours ahead of European summer-time.
  • Religion: Roman Catholicism remains the dominant religion on the islands (making up more than 80%). Other religions include Anglican, Protestant, Muslim, Hindu and Bahai.
  • Clothing: light clothing suitable for warm and tropical weather is best, with casual evening wear required to get into most of the islands’ casinos and hotel restaurants.
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