Sarah Colvin

Two parents who love to travel made sure that from a young age, I’ve had the privilege of seeing many different places and cultures. We would travel in Europe, to Portugal, Spain, Italy and regularly to France. Sometimes we would travel further afield to Turkey, India, South Africa and Barbados. I’ve always found it thrilling to learn about the food, language, land and music of a different country and to appreciate not only the differences but the similarities too.

Since holidaying as a child with my family, I’ve kept exploring and with each trip, I’ve definetely leaned more and more towards active travelling, with hiking, camping and seeking out the natural world being a real focus for me. I moved to Canada for two years and the outdoorsy culture I found got me up and down mountains and jumping in lakes all over British Columbia. I love the challenge that a hike can present and seeking out that fresh air, but mostly I love the sense of connection with the environment and finding peace away from hustle and bustle.

Leaving Canada presented a great road-trip opportunity and so south I drove, along the Pacific Coast, to Southern Mexico. From here I popped into Belize which is such a surprising, inviting and awesome country that I decided to set it up for Fleewinter!

I’ve now found my new home in Seville, Spain and it’s been through this exciting move that I’ve been able to get stuck into my research to launch Andalusia as a destination for Fleewinter. It’s really exciting to put together Andalusia with a focus on walking, and so combining two of my favourite things; travel and hiking!

If you’d like to find out more about a trip to Belize or to Spain, please get in touch! Send me an email at


Rest stop
Working in the Belize jungle
Looking for birds in Belize
Andalusia hiking
Winter in Seville
Breakfast in Seville
Hazey morning

Tip for Andalusia

“If you can, try and do as the locals do and eat dinner late. You’ll be rewarded with an amazing, authentic and buzzing atmosphere!”

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