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The Etosha National Park

The park is situated in northern Namibia and the highlight for every animal lover. It is unique with its salt pan in the middle of the park. The Etosha National Park is a nature conservation area in northern Namibia. One of the most significant game reserves in Africa. In Namibia it is by far the best known and most important national park. Today the Park covers an area of nearly 22.912 km² and is completely fenced for the protection of the animals. The salt pan has a size of 5000 square kilometres. It was formed about 2 million years ago when the Kunene Delta dried up and its riverbed shifted. A visit to the park is a must when travelling in Namibia and is a unique experience.

The dry season from May to November is best for wildlife viewing. All animals come to the watering holes regularly at this time. It can get cold in June and July. From mid-August to September it will be warmer again during the day. In Etosha Park it will be around 25 to 30 degrees during the day, at night its pleasantly cool. The diversity of wildlife is unique. A safari here is an exciting experience for young and old!

Spot lions, rhinos and elephants, ostriches, long-necked giraffes, wildebeest, lots of antelopes, herds of zebras and colourful birds. There are also cheetahs and leopards in the park, but these are extremely difficult to spot. Unfortunately, there are no more water buffalos in the park.

Etosha National Park is accessible through four gates: the Anderson Gate at the southern end, the Lindequist Gate in the east, the Galton Gate in the southwest and the King Nehale Lya Mpingana Gate at the northern end of the park. All gates open at sunrise and close at sunset.

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