Transfers and Car Hire

Getting around Morocco is very easy. The roads aren’t European standard and driving in the cities is a bit of a challenge but the open roads are fairly straightforward and we often arrange car hire, although it is quite expensive compared to some holiday destinations. The negative about car hire is if you are visiting Fes, Marrakech or Essaouira then you’ll hardly use the car as everything can be done on foot or using the incredibly cheap “petit taxis”.

Most of our clients don’t bother with a car and use the bus or get us to arrange transfers. Transfers are the least hassle and essential if either end of your journey is at the airport or in a rural location. We have a good selection of well maintained cars, people carriers and 4×4’s, all available with air-conditioning and English-speaking drivers. Example prices are from £85 for 2 people going from Marrakech centre or airport to Essaouira, or £90 for a day-trip up to Imlil in the Atlas Mountains from Marrakech.

However to save money if you are going from the centre of Essaouira to the centre of Marrakech, there is a great value, reliable bus service. The other public transport option is the train which is an efficient and good value way to go between Marrakech and Fes – although it is almost a day’s journey and even in first class the air-con struggles to keep up in mid-summer.  See Morocco Bus and train timesfor info – in French but reasonable easy to search.

Finally there are the famous “Grand Taxis” the colour coded reincarnation of the 1980’s Mercedes. It is a complete mystery where they come from but they ply the highways of Morocco relentlessly stuffed to the gunwales (often 7 or 8 people in them). They are usually a little cheaper than a pre-booked transfer but the quality is very variable (eg no seat belts or air-con) and the drivers rarely speak French (never mind English) so giving directions can be a challenge (although language doesn’t seem to be a problem when haggling for price)..only for the brave..