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The discovery of Morocco’s southern extremes was the starting place for this exhilarating five-stage expedition along vast, remote stretches of the country, known only to a very few. The valleys are lush with argan bushes, ochre Atlantic coast cliffs, sculptural outcroppings of the Anti-Atlas Mountains and sun scorched flatlands dappled with palm oases. The journey through these lead to our encampment among the vast dunes of the Sahara, and finally home to Dar Ahlam.

Only one booking at a time, of up to six guests, traverses this evocative, constantly shifting North African landscape. Each custom-equipped 4×4 vehicle carries two passengers and the driver. Your family or group of friends is attended to by one of our highly trained butlers throughout the journey.

You also travel with French chef Thierry Alix’s recipes that reflect the rich culinary heritage along the route, as do the pastries and desserts prepared by the unrivaled patissier Pierre Hermé. Meals are served with distinguished regional wines, and each evening we open the bar for you so you can enjoy a sundowner to accompany Morocco’s beautiful sunsets.

Artisans from around the region constructed these three bed-houses which are solely for guests of the Route du Sud. Each one gracefully reflects its timeless setting, yet makes present-day adventurers feel utterly comfortable among these distant yet enchanting lands.

Departures from mid-September to mid-May.

Your Itinerary

Day 1 - La Maison Des Arganiers

From Marrakech the journey is 2.5 hours drive, and from Agadir only 30 minutes which will take you to the first house of the Argan tree Valley. Clinging to a hillside this House reveals a unique perspective on the argan tree valley. Located at Azrarag, it is a white stone house on two levels with terraces, including a living room, three bedrooms and three bathrooms with showers. Additionally it has heating, a fireplace and air-conditioning. Its location means Oceanic weather and average temperatures range from 20 to 25°C (68 to 77°F) in spring, 18 to 20°C (64 to 68°F) in autumn and 14 to 16°C (57 to 60°F) in winter.

Day 2 - La Maison de l'Oasis

Nestled in the heart of Tighmert’s lush palm grove, this house is ideal for enjoying a break in a close environment. Two adobe houses, each one with a living room, an outside seating area under a tent and a bathroom with shower and bath. One of the houses has a modular lounge room for a third bedroom. Facilities include heating, air-conditioning and a fireplace.

Day 3 - Maison Rouge

Near a matriarchal village, this house offers a stopover in a timeless place with a 180 ° view of the surrounding mountains. Made of red stone, located in Aoujou (near Issafen) this house has a lounge, three bedrooms and three bathrooms and numerous terraces. Facilities include heating, air-conditioning and a fireplace.
This location has arid weather and so dry all year round, temperatures are between 25 and 38°C (77 to 100°F) in spring, 20 to 28°C
(68 to 82°F) in autumn and 5 to 20°C (41 to 68°F) in winter.

Day 4 - Nomadic Camp

At the edge of the dry lake of Iriki, on the first sand dunes, this exclusive camp offers absolute peace. The tent includes a terrace, a bedroom, a lounge area, a country bathroom and toilet (no shower).
Desertic weather means there are cold temperature from December to February, temperate in March, April and October and hot in May and September.

Day 5 & 6 - Dar Ahlam

This is a traditional kasbah surrounded by a stunning garden with a swimming-pool, at the gateway of the southern Morocco desert, in the Palmeraie of Skoura. Dar Ahlam offers 14 suites. Activities will be organized according to your wishes, examples include: relaxing under the palm trees of the garden, mule ride in the Valley of Roses and an aperitif at the sunset…

Semi-arid weather from January to March; temperate daytime, 15 to 20°C (58 to 68°F) and cold at night. April, May, September; warm & dry climate, temperatures up to 30°C (86°F) during the day and 15 to 20°C (58 to 68°F) at night. October to December, temperature around 20°C (68°F) the day and colder at night.

Day 7 - Bon Voyage

Today you will be driven back to the airport. You may also extend your stay at Dar Ahlam or in Marrakech

Meals -

Culinary journey featuring natural and traditional products of each region, revisited by Thierry Alix for “La Route du Sud”. Thierry Alix is an amazing insight into the chefs’ world. Adventurer and deeply
human, his instinctive and spontaneous cuisine is inspired from his travels, his encounters and exchanges. Dessert recipes from Dar Ahlam are signed by Pierre Hermé.

Details -

Cost for the 6 nights including private transfers in air-conditioned vehicle is from £4800 per person (all inclusive basis) based on 4 people travelling together.

You can get flights from as little as £100 per person return and do ask us for advice.  Alternatively we can book the flights for you but a booking fee may apply.

All prices correct at the time of writing.  Give us a call or email us at to discuss your requirements and get a confirmed price.

Please remember this is a sample itinerary and we are happy to modify it to suit your plans.  We can add or remove days and look at different places to stay.

What's included?

  • Transfer: Agadir or Marrakech to La Maison des Arganiers.
  • Four-wheel car with driver. Air-conditioning.
  • Dedicated butler.
  • All excursions and activities organized along the tour.
  • All meals, snacks and beverages (softs, wines and alcohol) except some a la carte wines and
  • One massage per person to enjoy à La Maison des Arganiers.
  • At Dar Ahlam:
  • Transfers Dar Ahlam – Ouarzazate airport.
  • All meals, snacks and beverages (softs, wines and alcohol) except some a la carte wines and
  • Hammam (scrub with extra charge), traditional bath, heated swimming pool, one massage
    per person during the stay at Dar Ahlam.
  • Exclusive excursions away from the busy tourist trail: by four-wheel car with driver and guide.
  • Mule ride and camel ride.
  •  Cooking demonstrations and special dinners.
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