Circle Family Trip

This trip is our favourite trip if you have 10-14 days in Morocco. You see an incredible variety of Moroccan life and will bring back memories to last a lifetime. There is a good mix of adventure and travel together with relaxation and luxury. A nice feature is you never travel the same road twice and is dedicated to those who love to travel and we call it the “Moroccan Circle”. You can start it at any point but here it is described starting form Marrakech, going south over the Atlas Mountains to the Sahara desert and the town of Taroudant, then down to the coast to Essaouira. Works perfectly over 12 nights. We have been running the trip for many years but only recently started recommending it to families with children. There are some days with a lot of travelling but there are things to see and do all the way so boredom will certainly not be an issue.