Best Time to Sail in Greece

Greek weather is typically European in pattern and strength.  The sailing season runs from April to October, with summer and the heat being strongest in July and August.

The North-West wind that heralds summer arrives in June.  Yachts travel to the gentle Ionian waters for the summer, as it is famed for its excellent sailing conditions.  Typically the wind will arrive in the early afternoon after a perfectly calm morning.  The result is what we lovingly call ‘Champagne sailing’ – very calm seas with the perfect sailing breeze.

However, some of the best sailing to be done is in the spring months.  The water is never bluer than it is in April and May and there is a general atmosphere of anticipation throughout the islands which is delightful.  Bear in mind, the water is a few degrees in the early season cooler so bringing a rash vest or a shortie wetsuit is a good idea.

Your Captain will discuss the weather with you on your arrival.   They will keep a close eye on the weather for the week as safety is our primary concern.  There may be days where the Captain considers it necessary to be port bound if the forecast is looking adverse. We will always err on the side of caution, however the chances of bad weather for more than a day a week in the Ionian are very low.