Getting Around Kyrgyzstan

Getting around and travelling in Kyrgyzstan is relatively easy. All of our holidays include a private vehicle with driver to drive you between your destinations, allowing you relax and enjoy the road journey. Our drivers are always accompanied by English speaking guides, even for airport transfers, in case you have any questions or require assistance.

The main roads in Kyrgyzstan that connect key towns and cities are in good condition and have a tarmac surface. Minor roads are completely unpaved and are dirt tracks so some road journeys can be longer than expected, but the mountainous scenery you see along the way makes up for long days on the road.

Kyrgystan is predominantly mountainous and therefore most car journeys cross mountain passes some of which are in remote regions and can often be closed due to snow. Driving across the country is a great travel experience but it can take time.

Kyrgyzstan Airlines offers internal flights to and from Osh which is a convenient way to travel to southern Kyrgyzstan and avoids long drives.  The flight tickets are quite reasonably priced and we can book tickets on your behalf.