Lewa House Lewa Conservancy - HKRL001

Lewa House offers guests warm and comforting hospitality, whilst treating visitors to endless panoramic views of the Matthews range and the sacred mountain of the Samburu, Ol Lolokwe.

9 Bedrooms, Sleeps 18

Pool - Yes
Restaurant - Meals all included

Family owned
Eco friendly
Big 5 sightings

Lewa House is a family owned conservancy, with nature conservation as one of its primary visions. It hosts 3 family cottages with two en-suite rooms and a large shared veranda, as well as 4 recently added spacious and comfortable single room cottages. The cottages are spread out along the hillside, with breath taking views of the wild Northern landscape. The rooms are all decorated in an elegant style, and the cottages blend seamlessly into the landscape.

Breakfast or lunch is often served on the lawns of the beautiful gardens of the main house, where a swimming pool looks out onto the waterhole, where animals can often be seen drinking and bathing. The main communal area consists of a large building with an open fireplace, where guests can relax and enjoy a drink before the evening meal. Guests have dinner at a large family dining table located in the same building, where they are served by the owners of the conservancy, Calum and Sophie Macfarlane. Leading off from this building is a large shaded veranda, which offers guests the perfect spot to sit and enjoy a drink as they watch the sun set.

Lewa House offers game drives at any time of the day and night, and guests are often treated to sightings of large elephant herds and the illusive wild dogs, in addition to all of the main safari predators. All of this can also be seen from above whilst flying in a helicopter or up close on horseback. Visitors can also chose to go on game walks with the well-qualified and knowledgeable owner, or simply enjoy the views while sitting in the large garden sipping on sundowners. Lewa House is involved in a number of pioneering conservation and community projects which guests can learn more about, including going to see the anti-poaching tracker dogs.

Lewa House accommodates couples and families, as well as individual travellers and holiday-makers. Speak to us about how to include Lewa House into your safari holiday.