Katie Prescott

I’ve been travelling since I left school; first on buses and trains around Europe, then later on a truck the length and breadth of Africa. It was in Tanzania that I met my future husband; a New Zealander who shared my love of exploring the far corners of the world. We lived happily in London for a few years knowing it was only a matter of time before our itchy feet would set us off on another adventure. This time we didn’t just want to travel but to also to achieve something that we could be truly proud of.

So in August 2014, we set off on our bicycles from the UK and spent the next 13 months cycling East across Europe, Turkey, Central Asia, China and South East Asia to Singapore. A flight took us across the ocean to Perth, where we commenced our 3 month Australian adventure; cycling all the way from there to Sydney. From there it was just a short hop over the Tasman to Auckland. We loaded our bikes for the final time and pedalled our way to a fantastic surprise welcome home. We had cycled over 26,000km. Check out the blog of our amazing journey at www.pedallingprescotts.co.uk.

Since then we have been living in New Zealand and exploring all that it has to offer. For someone like me that loves nature and adventure, it is the perfect destination. There is such spectacular natural beauty on display around every corner and endless opportunity to get stuck in and experience it however takes your fancy – tramping, biking, kayaking, sky-diving…

Our family has recently expanded with the arrival of baby Niko so our levels of adventure have reduced slightly. We’re hoping that he is going to be an avid traveller like his parents and for now we are taking the time to discover all the hidden gems on our doorstep.

When I’m not travelling you can find me wandering along our local beach, on my yoga mat or creating mayhem in the kitchen.

View from Roy's Peak near Wanaka
Kayaking on the mysterious Milford Sound
Hahei - one of the Coromandel's stunning beaches
Mount Maunganui - my local beach at sunset

New Zealand

“Embrace the unexpected! Whether it be a local who invites you round for dinner, an inviting pathway leading off the beaten track, a rumour of the best pies in the country to be had from an unassuming little bakery, a signpost to a winery you didn’t know was there – these little chance encounters often turn out to be some of the most memorable on a trip rather than the activities and sights you have researched meticulously beforehand.” Katie, New Zealand Specialist

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