Kate Glover

It was my parents who first took me to Sri Lanka for my 18th Birthday. They had been travelling there for years and wanted me to experience it. In truth I wanted to be partying in Greece with my friends, but I quickly came round to the idea of a ‘family holiday’ once we arrived. We toured the island taking in the cultural triangle, hill country and west coast. Due to my Dad’s DIY itinerary planning the drive times were a little longer than I would recommend for our customers, but I remember not caring once we reached the hill country. I was enchanted. It was surreal in its beauty and I don’t think I have been anywhere that’s matched it since.

Three years later and I was on the job hunt having finished university. By this stage my parent’s love affair with Sri Lanka had escalated and they were looking for land to build a holiday home. With some half-baked notion that I could one day move to Sri Lanka and live in the sun, I typed ‘Sri Lanka Villas’ into Google and picked up the phone to Fleewinter. I simply wanted to ask how the rental process worked and had no idea that this one call would in fact lead to a job that allows me to live and work in any sun soaked destination I fancy! Fate?

I’m a little home bound at the moment with very young twin girls, but prior to their arrival I would visit Sri Lanka at least once a year. My Sri Lankan friends joke I know the island better than they do, which is possibly true. We built the house having found a lovely riverside plot in Bentota, which I was lucky enough to design throughout from the floor plan to the deckchairs. I’m extremely proud of the result and we now have it listed on our website – Apsara. I can’t wait to take the girls next year when they are a little older.

Sri Lanka is a crazy place. The people are smiley and so willing to help, but unobtrusive until asked. The food and scenery is outstanding. The wildlife is superb and the hotels are unique and full of character. At the same time nothing ever goes to plan, the trains are always late and hotel staff can’t arrange a surprise to save their lives but its all part of the charm.

“xxxxxxxx xxxxx” Kate, Sri Lanka Specialist 

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