Jessie Green

My love for travel began at a very early age, when I would visit family living across Europe and North America. Seeing new places and experiencing different ways of life sparked a desire to travel the world and discover as much as possible. I began compiling a list of places I wanted to visit, with India right at the very top.

I had been captivated by India since childhood – the vibrant colours, mystical temples and romantic vistas seemed so exotic and I was desperate to visit. My chance finally came in 2012 when I travelled to India and enjoyed my first experience of Rajasthan.

Since then, I have travelled extensively across the region and enjoyed some time in the tropical state of Kerala, falling in love with the country, the wonderful people and incredible food a little more each time!

My love for Bermuda began when my parents moved to the island in 2011. I have since spent as much time as possible on the magical crescent – shaped island enjoying its spectacular coast line, wonderful people and unique culture. Every time I visit I am reminded how stunningly beautiful it is and how hard it is to leave!

Italy has a certain charm that is unlike any other place. Its fairy-tale towns, glorious scenery, medieval villages and dazzling coastline enchanted me from the moment I arrived – and it is a love affair that will last a lifetime! I particularly love the culture surrounding food and wine in Italy – it is a central part of daily life and time is always set aside to gather around the table with friends and family to enjoy fresh, seasonal food and quality time together.

When I’m not daydreaming about my next trip, you can find me developing my photography project FACES which sets out to capture the faces of people I meet along my journey, cooking up a storm for my family and training for triathlons! Check out my travel snaps on my FACES archive…

Liguria's colourful coastline, north west Italy
Ostuni's pretty streets, Puglia Italy
Cooking lesson at Casa Artusi, Forlimpopoli Italy
Local boy at a market, Lucknow India
Ladies ringing the temple bells, India
Local fisherman in Assam, north east India
Local women picking tea leaves, northern Kerala
A local mahout with his Elephant, Kerala
One of Bermuda's hidden coves, Bermuda
Mangrove Bay park and beach, Bermuda
Tropical palm tree fringed beach, Bermuda
Colourful south shore beach, Bermuda

India & Bermuda

“Set your alarm early and head out at dawn, particularly in the cities. It is a wonderful opportunity to witness the streets waking up and morning rituals taking place before the chaos and busyness of the day sets in. Just be sure to keep your camera handy to capture some atmospheric photographs!” – Jessie, India & Bermuda Specialist 

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