Jess Hilton

I think I’ve always been a bit of a ‘travelholic’ and was fortunate enough to see some pretty magical places growing up. So I don’t think it came as much of a surprise to anyone who knew me, that the minute I was able to, I grabbed my backpack and headed off to Central America. That was just the beginning of it and since then my life has been pleasantly punctuated by many an overseas adventure.

Luckily, I’ve been able to develop a long-term career in the travel industry, which means that I get to wax lyrical about exotic destinations all day long!  Not to mention, that the Fleewinter ‘digital-nomad’ lifestyle, means that I can continue to fuel my passion for travel on a daily basis, whilst providing genuine travel expertise. Work hard, play hard has never rung more true! 

I am addicted to the feeling that comes with uncovering a new place, landscape and its unique culture. In particular, I’ve struck up a bit of a love affair with Italy over recent years. Walking the streets early in the morning, finding the local food markets, meeting new friends over a glass of wine, tucking into a bowl of fresh egg pasta with truffle shavings, cycling past rolling vineyards…it’s just such a delicious place on so many levels! As my spirit-country, there is nowhere else that I prefer to return to each year.

Long, lazy summers spent in northern Italy’s sun-drenched countryside, have convinced me that introducing Fleewinter’s Italian Food & Wine tours is my natural calling and too good not to share

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All smiles in Benevello!
Hiking in Petra, Jordan.
Jumping for joy in New Zealand.
Sipping a sundowner in Marrakesh.
Cooling off in Guatemala.
Email time in Piedmont
Evening stroll in Umbria, Italy.
Cathedral of San Lorenzo in Alba
E-bike adventures...
Drinking in the view in Piedmont.
Heaven on a plate.
Sunset in Mombaruzzo.

Italy and Marketing

“When in rural Italy, find a restaurant where they don’t speak english or have an english menu. I would go so far as to say that it will be the best meal you’ll have on your trip!” – Jess Hilton, Marketing Manager and Italy Enthusiast 


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