Samurai Workshop: Learn the art of batto

It’s hard to think of Japan without also remembering the samurai, feudal warriors who have become synonymous with the art of Japanese sword fighting. Of course, these days it’s hard to find anybody wielding a sword, let alone a true samurai, but fortunately Fleewinter can introduce you to “batto”, a ritualized form of sword fighting rooted in samurai traditions. Under the watch of a knowledgeable master, you will first practice the correct stance and cutting techniques with a dummy sword to get a feel for its weight and movement through the air. The master then demonstrates how to cut a rolled tatami mat using a real curved “katana” blade.

Then it is your turn to show your progress with a real sword! You too can experience cutting through a rolled tatami mat before being treated to a ritualized sword fight demonstration by the master and his apprentice.

Finally, learn how the master maintains and looks after the delicate blade of the katana.