Geisha makeover

Celebrate your time in Kyoto with an unforgettable experience: dress up as a maiko (young geisha) or geisha in a historical townhouse in central Kyoto! You will have your makeup and hair done and wear the beautiful, intricate kimono that geisha wear. A professional photographer will take pictures of you and you can then take a stroll nearby (you have one hour, after which you must return your kimono).

The shop provides cleansers and shampoo so that you can take the geisha make up and the hair oils off after the experience.

You will have 6 photos printed out for you, as well as a CD-R containing all the shots, and you are of course free to take pictures with your own camera during the free time.

Note: Maximum 4 pax. If you wear contact lenses, please bring liquid and containers or a spare set as you will be required to take them off for makeup application.