Edo Wonderland

In Edo Wonderland there is still a slice of the old Edo (Tokyo’s old name) left for to you find. Pass through the sekisho border checkpoint and progress down the main road that leads to Edo, on the way you will pass through the peaceful shukuba inn town, before finally arriving in Edo with its bustling market district. There are old stalls and many shows for you to see. 

And that’s not all. There are noble samurai with topknots, ninja lurking on roof tops, beautifully adorned geisha, and cute village girls dressed in kimono, you’ll run into all kinds of characters in Edo!

(You can try on Ninja or Samurai costumes and have other dress-up options for you to try – not included in tour price)

While in town be sure to check out all the theatres, try out Edo-period cuisine and occupations, and before you know it you’ll be a real Edo citizen!